Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week in Review -- Week 1

In order to stay on track, I plan to review my yearly goals each week and summarize my accomplishments.

This week I didn't accomplish nearly as much as I hope as both Zazu (my 17 month old daughter) and I were sick. First thing Monday morning (my birthday), I was greeted by Zazu standing in a puddle of puke in her crib. Poor Baby and Happy Birthday to Me! At first, I thought Zazu drank too much pool water the previous day, but as the day went on I realized she was very sick. My sister treated me, Zazu and Kaylicious (my three-year-old daughter) to lunch at DuClaw Brewing Co. and that evening The Count (my husband) brought home my favorite Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza Veggie Lovers Pizza minus the mushrooms and olives and plus pineapple (best pizza ever!) and Cold Stone Creamery Peanut Butter Playground Cake (best cake ever!). If I was starving to death, I think this is the meal I would dream about. The Count and Kaylicious sang happy birthday to me multiple times at Kaylious' request. She blew the candle out for me each time. She is such a cutie!

On Tuesday, I took Zazu to the pediatrician and discovered that she had pink eye in both eyes and Strep Throat. On Wednesday, I took Zazu back to the pediatrician covered in hives. It turns out she is allergic to Amoxicillin. The pediatrician told me she can never have any medicines in the penicillin family again, because the allergic reactions tend to get worse each time. Scary stuff! By Thursday, I was feeling super run-down myself and ended up getting Strep Throat too.  The sore throat subsided within the first day of taking antibiotics, but the accompanying cough does not want to go away. I am not sleeping well at night, because I hack and choke relentlessly when I try to lay down, no matter how many pillows I prop myself up on. Please send some healthy thoughts my way!

All in all it wasn't a terrible week.  I spent many, many hours snuggling with my kids, especially Zazu.  Even though it was because we were sick, it  still felt nice, and I did get started on a few things on my list.

Here are the things I did accomplish this week:
  • Go on 30 Girls Nights/Outings without the kids -- 1 down/29 to go
  • Read 100 Different Books to Each of My Kids - 4 down/96 to go
  • Talk to a Friend or Family Member (not my immediate family) Everyday - Check!
  • Make One Meaningful Connection Each Day - Check!
  • Get Outside for 15 Minutes Minimum Each Day (Weather Permitting) - Check!

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