Little Books

. . . for little people

I want to read 100 different books to my daughters this year. At two and three years old, my girls want to read the same books over and over again.  My goal is to introduce a little more variety into our reading repertoire. Here are the books we've read so far:
  1. Silly Monkey
  2. 10 Playful Penguins
  3. Muddy Paws
  4. Potty Time with Elmo
  5. Spring Babies
  6. Jungle Babies
  7. Disney Best Friends -- My kids love these Look and Find Books!
  8. Wild Animal Baby Magazine
  9. Walking and Talking with Elmo
  10. Farmyard Beat - A Very Fun Read!
Winter and Christmas Books:
McDuff's Christmas -- Kalicious absolutely adores this book.
One Snowy Night by M.Christina Butler
Annie and the Wild Animals
Snowbear's Christmas Countdown -- So cute and sweet!
One Snowy Night by Beth Harwood
Bunny Christmas: A Family Celebration

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