Friday, June 10, 2011

Water Balloon Fun!

I have so many happy memories of playing with water balloons as a child.  We used to get them from store that sold penny candy and balloons that were perfect for filling with water 100 for $1. When I saw this post Water Balloon Cut-up: A Fun Outdoor Problem Solving Activity for Toddlers on Play Create Explore, I was inspired to have some water balloon fun with my little ones too.

I didn't have any small balloons so I used two big party balloons. First, I blew them up with air to stretch them out a bit. Then, I stuffed a small plastic Mickey Mouse toy into each balloon. (Any small plastic toy or doodad will do.) Next, I filled the balloons using the sprayer on my kitchen sink to just a little bigger than the size of a grapefruit. Then, we went outside and the adventure began! To start, I gave each girl her own plastic knife to cut the balloon open.  Neither of my  little ones had ever used a knife or played with a water balloon so they both excited to give it a try!

Kaylicious' balloon popped pretty quickly.

She was pretty surprised by the water gushing everywhere.

Zazu's balloon was another story.  Here's Kaylicious explaining how to pop the balloon. Such a helpful big sister.

"This doesn't seem to be working.  I wonder if I could just grab Kaylicious' Mickey and run off with it."

"Nevermind, I've got this"

"No really, I've got this.

"Let me show you how it's done, Zazu."

"You have to use this end of the knife."

"Hmm, this is much harder than the first time."

"Here, Big Bird, give me a hand with this."

"While she's busy, I'm just going to borrow this."

"I'm sorry Mickey, but this balloon seems to be indestructible."

"Here, Ill stand on it and you push!!!

"Maybe, if I sit on it"

"Or roll it down the slide"

"Aha, I know what to do!"


This activity was easy, almost free and my little ones had a great time, especially my three year old.  We will definitely be doing this again!

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  1. What a fun idea! Time to get the water balloons out :) I would LOVE if you would share this idea at our {{What I Made Wednesday}} Linky Party!


  2. I would love to, Briana! I will have to catch you next Wednesday!

  3. You can never have too much fun with water balloons! the only problem with them is that they take so long to fill up and it takes no time to pop them! ;)

  4. Love this idea!!! Thank you sooo much for posting & totally enjoyed the pics along w/ the commentating!!!

  5. A great way to enjoy the weekends. My kids would be so enthusiastic hearing this activity.


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