Thursday, May 19, 2011

Goals For This Year

You control your future, your destiny. What you think about comes about. By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be - Mark Victor Hansen

This is a preliminary list of thing I'd like to accomplish this year.  In time, I will more clearly define these goals,  add sub-goals, and mark off my accomplishments:

Household Goals:
Put Photos in All My Empty Frames and Hang Them
Stop Living in What the FlyLady Calls CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)
  • Unclutter and Organize My Entire Home
  • Conquer the Laundry -- Wash Dry and Put Away 250 Loads
  • Love Everything in my closet
  • Only Buy/Keep Things I Really LOVE
  • For Every One Thing that Can't Be Consumed that I Bring Into Our Home, Get Rid of Three
  • Load, Wash & Put Away 250 Loads of Dishes
  • Get Shelves to Organize and Corral the Girls' Toys
Fitness/Health Goals:
Do a Handstand
Do a Back Bend
Lose 38 Pounds & Fit Comfortably Into a Size 8
  • Go to the Gym 150 Times
  • Walk 300 miles
  • Bike 400 Miles
  • Swim 20 Miles

Food-Related Goals:
Try 50 New Recipes
Create a Monthly Menu and Follow it

Making Time for Myself:
Read 30 Books
Complete 50 Craft Project
Get 25 Spa Services
Go on 30 Girls Nights/Outings without the kids

Parenting Goals:
Read 100 Different Books to Each of My Kids
Do 50 Craft Projects with the Kids
Go to 30 different Playgrounds/Parks
Bring my Daughters' 365 Project Blogs Current
Make a Baby Book for My Youngest Daughter
Do Everything On My Toddler Activity List (See List)
Go on a Family Vacation

Being Thankful/Giving Back/Connecting:
Send More Cards/Thank You Notes -- At Least 60
Talk to a Friend or Family Member (not my immediate family) Everyday
Make & Deliver 12 Meals for Friends/Family Who Need Help
Donate at Least One Bag Full of Stuff to Goodwill/Purple Heart Each Month

Financial Goals:
Pay Down Debt
Create an Emergency Fund of $1000
Start Paying for Everything in Cash/Stop Using Credit Cards
Do Our 2010 Taxes Soon and Our 2011 Taxes Before April
Apply for Financial Aid to Go Back to School

Educational Goals:
Go Back to School in September
Apply to a Sonography Program

Marriage Goals:
Go on 50 Dates With My Husband
Go Away Together for a Weekend without the Kids
Make One Meaningful Connection Each Day

Green Goals:
Use Re-useable Bags/ Start Keeping Them in the Car
Start Composting
Try Making My Own Green Cleaning Products
Get Outside for 15 Minutes Minimum Each Day (Weather Permitting)

I've heard that people who write their goals down are much more likely to achieve them.  Tell me, do you write your goals down and if you do, do you think it helps? 4/361

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  1. I absolutely believe in writing down goals.

    I did a 36 things list last year and a 37 things list a month ago that I'm busy ploughing through. :)


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