Saturday, June 11, 2011

Finger Paint Mural

Yesterday during nap time, I coated my picnic table with three long strips of rolled drawing paper from Ikea and used clothes pins to securely attach the paper to the underside of the table in preparation for a spray painted craft project that I am working on. Noticing what a nice art surface it made, I decided to break out the finger paint when the girls got up from their nap.

Side note: My sister bought this finger paint for Zazu's first birthday last November and it has  taken me this long to work up the nerve to break it out.  I envisioned paint on every surface imaginable inside my house, so painting on the deck where we could clean everything (including the kids) up with the hose really appealed to me. 
Kaylicious LOVED it!  She could have painted all night.  Zazu was another story.  She touched the paint, asked for wipe and wanted nothing more to do with it.

The Count and I enjoyed finger painting too!  For me, it brought back memories of kindergarten, especially the scent of the paint.  
Painting her own hands

So much Fun!

One of the great things about having the table completely coated in paper was being able to circle around the table to a fresh clean canvas to paint.

a section of our finished "mural"

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  1. A great way to start kids on being artistic. It was obvious she was having so much fun. Great colorful pastime.


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