Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sara the Elf on Our Shelf

Our elf arrived last weekend from the North Pole and Kaylicious immediately named her "Sara."  Zazu has bounced back and forth between calling her Sara and "Elfant" which seems to be a combination of elf and elephant.

Here's Sara hanging from our entry way light.  
I used PSE 8 and a free quick page from Free Digital Scrapbooking to make this graphic.
We've had a busy week with Sara.
  • We've read Sara's Elf on the Shelf book multiple times.
  • Kaylicious was concerned that Sara wouldn't be able to fly to North Pole, if she didn't take the plastic off her box right away. 
  • Had a make your own sundae party to welcome Sara.
  • Watched  "The Elf on the Shelf: An Elf’s Story"  (Kaylicious spotted Sara in one of the elves' dance numbers).
  • Taken Sara to visit Santa at the mall, after Zazu accidently touched Sara with her foot, zapping her elf power. Thankfully, Santa was able to give Sara her elf powers back, since it was an accident.
  • Talked extensively about Sara and discussed how she flies, and what she does when were not  watching.  Ever inquisitive,  Kaylicious has endless questions and thoughts about Sara.
  • She has also asked if we could keep Sara after Christmas.  She says she loves her and will miss her if Sara goes back to live at the North Pole.   
  • Once I realized our Elf on the Shelf was a girl, I started thinking about more little elf outfits for her.  I've seen the Claus Couture Scout Elf Skirt, but it seems like there should be a whole line of little elf clothes.  What's a girl elf to do? One red leotard and one skirt most definitely does not qualify as a full Elf wardrobe.  I thought for sure someone would have any Etsy shop selling Elf on the Shelf fashions, but so such luck.  If you know where to find elf on the shelf clothes, please leave me a comment.  I know Sara's inner-elf fashionista is dying to come out.
Make Your Own Sundae Welcome Party for Sara the Elf
Make Your Own Sundae Elf on the Shelf Welcome Party
We've found Sara getting into mischief and hiding all around our house. After losing her elf powers once with the touch of tiny two-year-old toes, Sara has tried to stay up a bit higher out of Zazu's reach.  Also, since Zazu and Kaylicious are only two and three years old, I think Sara tries not to make her hiding spots too difficult to find.  Each time Kaylicious has found Sara, she has squealed and laughed with delight.

Here are some of Sara's hiding places this week:
  1. On top of our Christmas tree 
  2. Going wild with streamers
  3. Hanging upside down from a ceiling light
  4. Sunning herself on the top our window blinds
  5. Sitting on top of our kitchen cabinets -- Sadly, she got her feet caught in the cabinet and banged around that night trying to free herself for her trip to the North Pole, but she was stuck.  
  6. Riding Kaylicious' Piggy Bank
  7. Sitting on top of an alarm sensor in our living room, where she could hang out with us and watch us all day.
    Sara the Elf on top of Our Christmas Tree 

    Elf on the Shelf Party
    Check my Elf on the Shelf Link Party.


  1. did you ever find elf on the shelf clothes? Pottery Barn Kids has the pj's & Southern Tots has the smocked dresses- I am still on the hunt for a few more things :) cute blog!

  2. I'm also surprised that no one appears to be making additional outfits for these little guys. Sure they have a "uniform", but what about a little personality? Ours (a boy elf) will be coming back from his summer vacation in a Hawaiian-style shirt, which will likely be very clumsily made because I'll be doing it myself! :)

  3. Hi, I don't know if you've found clothes yet, but here are some Etsy's shops that might help...

    ClaraBellesBoutique might make one to fit the Elf on the Shelf.

    I just bought the skirt and necklace from the last shop, but haven't received it yet so I can't give any info on how it looks.

    Good luck and hope you're having fun with Sara again this year!

  4. Thank you, Amy! I love the idea of the Elf on Shelf Tutu at ClaraBellesBoutique! I bet I could easily make one of those for Sara and her new Elf friend, Carrot! How did the skirt and necklace you purchased work out?


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