Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Elf is Here!

Our The Elf on the Shelf is here. I've got our Tivo set up to record "The Elf on the Shelf: An Elf’s Story" about an elf named Chippey who tries to help a young boy who is struggling to believe in the magic of Christmas. It will be on WJZ 13 Baltimore, our local CBS station, this Friday night at 9:30.  Now, all I need is my little girls home from visiting their Nana in New Jersey, and we'll be ready to get this tradition started.

If you have any tips or creative ideas for introducing our Elf to my two and three year old daughters, please share them by leaving me a comment!

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  1. For next year; my kids are 4 this year and we had to come up with more "interesting" ways for the elf to hide around the house. He hide in our pantry (while stealing a candy cane.) He hung over the edge of a fan blade to watch them. Was hiding in a basket of laundry with only his head peaking out. On the fireplace mantel playing with the Go Fish cards. Inside the desk drawer with his head peaking out, etc. By finding these new places for him to hide the kids were even more into it than the 2 years before. It became a game for the husband and I to outdo each other. Enjoy!


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